Frequently asked questions

A lot is said and written about coaching and a number of wild tales are circulating. This can lead to legitimate questions and perhaps even resistance. This list of frequently asked questions aims to provide answers, transparency and confidence.

Will this suit me?

One on one coaching will suit you if you want to change or improve something in your current situation. Usually you don’t know exactly what and how you want to improve or change. You just have questions. You are ready to see a coach when you have made up your mind that you really want to change something. That alone can be a big step, because it means admitting to yourself: “I need help.” The most important thing in coaching is to be open, honest and curious about yourself. And a coach who is interested in you and in your question.

Do you understand me?

This website provides you with honest and transparent information about me and my way of working. The clients I have worked with are mostly well educated professionals (bachelor level and above) in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), professionals in Finance & IT and college teachers. Given my experience in technology, IT, HRM consultancy, management, research and education and my analytical skills, I am able to master a problem or situation quite fast.

How much will it cost?

No standard prices exist, all programs are custom-made. The price depends on being a private or business client, the choice of the driving forces profile and the number of sessions we agree upon. After the intake interview, you will receive an offer in writing with the total costs and possible options. The invoice will be sent at the start of the program and can be paid in parts by mutual agreement. The intake interview for a training will be done online, after which you will also receive an offer in writing with possible options. The price for a training also depends on the number of participants and the choice for an online or physical setting. All prices are VAT exempt.

Am I obliged to take the full program?

Experience shows that -on average- six to eight sessions are needed to achieve a real change or improvement with a long-term impact. However, sometimes the question at hand is very specific and practical, in which a quick win coaching of three sessions may be sufficient. If you mainly want to discover your driving forces, your talents and your qualities, then you can opt for the driving forces analysis with two coaching sessions. Afterwards, you can always take a follow-up in a package of three sessions.

How long is this going to take?

The full coaching program consists of seven coaching sessions, with a frequency of one session every three weeks. The sessions will take place in Het Coachhuis in The Hague and take 1.5 to 2 hours. The traveling time before and after the session is considered to be part of the coaching. So plan half a day per session. The training programs usually cover two full days with some weeks in between and a one on one session of one hour maximum.

What kind of coach will fit me best?

There are many types of coaches, so it’s important to do your research. Get to know the different types of coaching and coaches. And even more important: think carefully about your precise question and what the result of the coaching should be. In addition to websites and other information on social media, ask people in your surroundings who know you which coaches they would recommend. The intake interview will provide the best check for you and for the coach if you are a match.

What if there’s no match?

If you conclude after the intake interview that there’s no match, then that is completely fine. That is exactly one of the purposes of the intake interview. It is important that you are able to ask anything you want to know and receive the answers that will help you to make your decision. That also applies to me. Take the time to let the intake sink in and maybe discuss any last doubts with your inner circle.

Are you the best coach?

There is no guarantee about that 😊. A lot of good coaches are around and they are all different. The reviews and client experiences on this website give you information on how 200+ professionals have experienced me in the past.

Do you achieve results quickly?

The reviews and client experiences show that I am commended for my systematic, insightful, empathic and practical approach. My driving forces profile will see to it that I’m only satisfied when seeing motion, progress or development during our sessions.

What if the coaching goal is not reached?

we formulate the coaching objective during the first session, we check halfway through how we are doing and we discuss during the last session if and how your coaching goal has been reached. It happens regularly that the coaching goal slightly shifts during the coaching program, as a result of the insights that you will gain during the sessions. We will keep an eye on ensuring that we are moving in the desired direction.

Can it be done faster?

A coaching program usually takes four to five months for seven sessions. Each session will give you a ‘partial result’ that you can apply in the next weeks. Thus, you will experience results from the first session. You decide for yourself how quickly you want to implement changes or improvements in your (work) situation.

Can I have my employer pay and am I allowed to ask?

Most employers care to invest in the development of their employees. Professional coaching is part of professional development. When you grow and develop yourself, your employer will grow too. And because your question is work-related, your employer should feel a shared responsibility.

This will remain confidential, right?

Of course you must feel absolutely safe that everything you tell me will stay between us. It is key and part of the privacy statement and the ethical code of the professional association. Even if your employer pays for the costs, everything we discuss will be confidential. Sharing of information with your employer will only be done with your explicit permission.

What procedures do I need to initiate internally?

It is useful to ask your line manager and/or your HR contact person what is needed. As a general rule, I will send a quotation that must be signed and then entered into the purchasing system through HR. From this I usually receive a purchasing order number that I need to put on the invoice. However, every organization works differently, so check the procedure carefully.

Is your question not listed? Please feel free to use the contact form to ask anything else.