Target audience and types of questions

Do you recognize this?

You are a highly educated professional.

And let’s be honest: that has taken you quite far already.

But what if the current situation is no longer fulfilling or enjoyable? What if your work and life feels unsatisfying despite your accomplishments so far? What if you have a longing to make more out of you, your work and your life?

Maybe you’re stuck. You certainly want to get further.

The only thing that you know for sure now is that doing what you always did, no longer works.

Choose the situation that is most applicable to you.

(too) high workload

no pleasure in work

You no longer experience pleasure or joy at your work, you are dissatisfied with yourself and you are disappointed in yourself.

This leads to work stress, a lot of pressure and overwork.

Practice shows that young professionals most often encounter this, but it can also occur in later phases of your career.

Client case
From work stress to job satisfaction

change at work

no energy from work

You feel that you no longer are living up to expectations, that you are no longer capable, it looks as if you’ve lost it.

This leads to loss of energy, loss of motivation and doubt.

Practice shows that experienced professionals most often encounter this, but it can also happen in other phases of your career.

Client case
From being stuck to energy and leadership

unfulfilled in work

no satisfaction from work

You feel that what you do now no longer makes you happy, you don’t feel like doing what you’re doing now, you feel unfulfilled

This leads to restlessness and a moody feeling.

Practice shows that senior professionals in the second half of their career most often encounter this, but it can also happen earlier.

Client case
From routine to fulfillment

Is your situation not listed above or are you experiencing a combination of the above? Please send an email via the contact form. You are always welcome.

Do you also wish for your work (and life) to

  • change for the better
  • be set in motion
  • move further
  • and get inspired?

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