Way of working

Process and method

KLEUR! means colour in Dutch, and this name is well-considered. The dictionary describes colour as follows:

  • the property of objects that they only reflect or transmit light rays of a certain wavelength, characteristic of each substance, which creates an impression on the retina during vision that is associated with that wavelength
  • any of the components into which white (colourless) light can be decomposed, as well as their mixtures
  • as a characteristic visible feature of a thing

In coaching and training this translates into: discover your own colour, show colour and give something colour.

You can read how that works below.

Intake interview

Each trajectory starts with an intake interview. In case of a group training this is an online or telephone interview. In case of one on one coaching, this is preferably a physical interview. The purpose of the intake interview is to get introduced, to discuss your current situation and to explore your learning or coaching objective. All intake interviews are free of charge.

The interview allows you to determine whether my training or coaching suits you and the corresponding costs. During the interview the question at hand will already be formulated in general terms. This provides you with immediate proof of my way of working. Is there no match? No problem, the intake interview is without obligation and free of charge. You can take your time to make your own assessment and choose afterwards.

After the intake I will provide you with a proposal. Every program is custom-made, so no standard prices exist. Part of my proposal is the privacy statement, with your consent you are sure that your data remains confidential in accordance with the privacy statement.

If you want to participate in one of the group trainings, you will be informed as soon as we reach the minimum number of participants. A date for the training will be set in mutual consultation.

My proposal gives you clarity about the entire program, the number of sessions, the duration of the sessions and the total costs involved. Invoicing takes place at the start of the program.


The foundation and kick-start of all coaching programs is your driving forces analysis: Why do you do the things you do and make the choices you make? A complete behavioural and driving forces analysis provides a clear insight into your behavioural preferences and intrinsic drives and motivators. It creates a valuable and sustainable base for achieving your coaching objective.

You will receive your behavioural and driving forces analysis immediately during the first session, which will provide you with a kick-start into your self-development. When you take part in the group training Time & self-management, then a driving forces profile is also included.


Every coaching session starts with reviewing what has happened since the previous session. We discuss what is relevant and actual to work on in the short term.

The overall structure of the coaching sessions will follow the six-step KLEUR! method with the focus on achieving the agreed coaching objective. The six steps of development according to KLEUR! are:

Know yourself gain insight into yourself and your coaching objective
Listen give and receive feedback on your current situation
Explore envision your future and desired situation
Utter yourself express yourself and engage in interaction
Realise set concrete goals, execute them and reap your harvest
! become aware of your continuous self-guidance

If you want to know more about the KLEUR! method, here you can find more information.

Coaching objective

Your coaching goal is central to the coaching program. We will regularly check on the progress in achieving your coaching objective. During the coaching sessions you will notice that you are already taking steps one by one. The three most important results in a successful KLEUR! coaching program are:

  • Get something to hold on to: We use the driving forces analysis or equivalent instrument
  • Find confidence: We use providing feedback, awareness and insights
  • Discover inner wisdom: We use intuitive exercises and assessments

During group trainings we also work with personal learning goals. Because the groups are small, all participants have the opportunity to address their personal learning objective. The advantage of a group training is that you will also learn from your fellow participants. A frequently heard comment when evaluating my trainings is: “It’s nice to experience that I’m not the only one who has this problem.”


Every group training and one on one coaching ends with an evaluation. We discuss whether the learning or coaching objective has been reached. And we explore a possible follow-up. Would you like to share the results of your coaching or training program with your employer or manager? Then we will schedule a separate appointment for this, at no extra cost. Part of the deal.

If you have another question about my method of working that has not yet been answered yet, please check the FAQ for more information.