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Partners & certifications

  • How do you recognize a good coach? First of all, it is about a good match, the coach you choose should fit you and your question. The intake interview is the best way to find out: you can discover how a coach works, if you feel understood and how quickly you can achieve results together.
  • It is also a good idea to check a coach’s certifications. They do not provide a guarantee, but are supportive. They offer, among other things, a complaints procedure and a code of ethics.
  • KLEUR! is certified and registered as a NOBCO / EMCC Practitioner Coach and as a STiR Erkend Coach. Furthermore, KLEUR! has a CRKBO registration.
  • KLEUR! uses instruments from other suppliers in its training and coaching. The most important of these is the TTISI Behavioural and Driving Forces Analysis. The IntoDrives Drives Scan is also used (only in Dutch).
  • To be allowed to use the driving forces profiles, KLEUR! is certified as a TTISI consultant for Behaviour and Driving Forces and certified by IntoDrives for the Drives Scan.

The colours of KLEUR!

The six colours of KLEUR! have been well thought out. They represent the six stages of development according to KLEUR!:

Know yourself Blue, the colour of analysis and rational thinkig Pattern of sea water
Listen Green, the colour of interaction and trust Pattern of leaf green
Explore Yellow, the colour of potential and innovation Pattern of flower bloom
Utter yourself Orange, the colour of ambition and ideas Pattern of rock and earth
Realize Red, the colour of action and energy Pattern of lava and fire
! Purple, the colour of intuition and consciousness Pattern of crystals and sky


Connecting the six colours to the phases of life we go through as human beings, the following arises:


  • The phase of young adulthood is about discovering your own colour / self-knowledge -> blue and green
  • The phase of adulthood is about showing colour / authenticity -> yellow and orange
  • The phase of senior adulthood is about giving something colour / doing what really suits you -> red and purple

Natural patterns

Nature and natural phenomena, sometimes scientific, sometimes miraculous.

It seems contradictory, a natural pattern. Yet that is what nature is largely built of. Structure in apparent chaos. It makes us aware how ignorant we still are, that all sources are already present, that our full potential is not where the ratio is, but in the combination of ratio and intuition. Or, in the words of Einstein:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

For more quotes, see the inspiration section.