Privacy statement KLEUR!

If you use our services and/or provide data yourself, this data will be processed in order to carry out these services and/or assignments. Below you will find which personal data is collected, how it is collected, how it is protected and what rights you as a coaching client or client have to view, change and have this data deleted.

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  1. During the first contact with a coaching client and/or purchaser, the name, telephone number and email address of the coaching client and/or purchaser are stored in a secure email folder on a laptop and in the contact list on a smartphone.
  2. The same data is used to prepare the quotation and information is added about the objective of the coaching program as discussed in the intake interview. The quotation is saved in the document storage on the laptop. The quotation is sent by e-mail to the purchaser and/or coaching client. The invoice includes the same data and processing as the quotation.
  3. Attachment to the quotation is the declaration of consent between the purchaser and/or coach client and KLEUR! with regard to the processing of personal data. The coaching client and/or purchaser are also referred to this Privacy Statement.
  4. Signed quotations and consent forms are received by email and stored in the document storage.
  5. Backup of the contact list, email folder and document storage takes place on a remote server of the respective service providers. These service providers all comply with the GDPR privacy guidelines and with the EU-US Privacy Shield if this storage takes place outside the EU.
  6. Part of a coaching program is the collection and provisioning of a behavioural and driving forces profile. The coaching client provides their name, email address, gender (for the correct form of address), position/function, organization and IP address. Before the profile is administered, the coaching client is explicitly asked for permission to use this data.
  7. TTI Success Insights Benelux (TTI SI) is the processor of the behavioural and driving forces profile. KLEUR! has entered into a processing agreement with TTI SI regarding the processing of the personal data of the coaching client. The privacy statement for TTI SI respondents can be found at
  8. The behavioural and driving forces profile is made available to KLEUR! via a secure link. The profile is saved in the document storage of KLEUR! and made available to the coaching client by email. The email will be deleted after sending.
  9. The behavioural and driving forces profile made available to KLEUR! will not be shared with third parties. Distribution to the purchaser will only take place after explicit permission from the coaching client.
  10. At the request of the purchaser, a final report in the form of a process report can be drawn up after the coaching program. This document will always be first submitted to the coaching client by email for approval. After approval, the document is sent to the purchaser by e-mail. Both emails will be deleted after sending. The approved document is saved in the document store.
  11. During the coaching program, KLEUR! will not process any digital data regarding the coaching client, with the exception of confirming appointments by e-mail. During the coaching sessions, KLEUR! will take notes in a notebook. The notes serve to support the effective progress of the coaching program. The coaching client has access to the notes that concern them at all times and can request copies and/or deletion thereof. Removal during the coaching program may have a negative effect on the effectivity of the coaching result. Notes taken will not be provided to third parties or to the purchaser.
  12. The personal data stored by KLEUR! are kept for 5 years after completion of the coaching program. The maximum retention period is 7 years. behavioural and driving forces profiles are kept for a maximum of 5 years.
  13. The coaching client can view, request and have deleted the personal data and profiles stored at TTI SI at any time via the website
  14. The personal data of the purchaser and coaching client stored at KLEUR! can be viewed, retrieved and deleted at any time by sending an email to
  15. Only Sandra de Koning, director/owner of KLEUR!, has access to all the above data. Laptop and smartphone are protected at all times with strong passwords.
  16. The privacy statements of the service providers involved can be requested via KLEUR!.
  17. On the KLEUR! website only functional cookies are used for the correct functioning of the website.
  18. KLEUR! will at all times make every effort to guarantee the privacy of its coaching clients and purchasers in accordance with this statement. If a coaching client or purchaser has a complaint regarding their data processing by KLEUR! then contact can be made via
  19. If a coaching client or purchaser has a complaint about the functioning of KLEUR! during the complaint handling, a complaint can be sent to the Registration Foundation for Professional Coaches (StiR) via or to the EMCC Global complaints committee via
  20. KLEUR! has a Data Leak Protocol in place in the event of calamities relating to personal data of coach clients and/or purchasers.
  21. This privacy statement was drawn up in May 2018 and will be adjusted if new or changed privacy legislation requires this or if changes occur in the processing of the personal data of coaching clients and/or purchasers.

The last update of this privacy statement took place in November 2023.