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Evaluations and reviews

Why choose KLEUR!? The best way to inform you about this is through the evaluations and reviews of the professionals who preceded you. Further relevant information is provided in the FAQ as these contain the most frequently asked questions from clients before they decided to choose KLEUR!.

The overall evaluation of more than two hundred participants in the trainings of KLEUR! is 9.1.

The words they used to describe the trainings:

“insightful, inspiring, change of perspective, eye-opener, exciting, motivating, sustainable, confrontational, reassuring, practical, useful, pragmatic, enlightening, balanced, systematic, challenging, interactive.”


Client cases



Client cases

These stories are not traceable to real coaching clients, they contain ingredients that could be discussed.

Any similarities with real coaching clients are purely coincidental.

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Let me also share something here, about my own experiences, with coaching, with wisdom, with intuition.


When I was in my early 30s, I reached my limits for the first time. It started in my job. I had grown from an operational management position in engineering to a more tactical management position in IT. My boss was ambitious and so was I. I wanted to do well. I never heard of the word “no”. We worked regularly both evenings and weekends. I wasn’t realizing the effect it had on me. At the same time I also bought a house, and didn’t take any holiday. And then my relationship broke down. I just didn’t know what to do anymore… It took a while before I could accept the fact that I needed help. Then it took another while before I was able to call a coach. I knew her from a training I had taken through my employer. I trusted her and she made me feel safe.

Not happy

When I was in my late 30s, one evening I drove back from Utrecht to The Hague. I attended a training that all participants were very enthusiastic about. I however, didn’t feel that way. I felt uninspired and dissatisfied. There was a lot of traffic on the highway. Suddenly – without any warning or announcement – a realization struck me: “I’m not happy with what I’m doing.” It wasn’t a thought, it was a fact, undeniably true and unavoidable. Once I got home, I wrote down all insights that were present in my mind. The message was clear: “I am leaving this job. Now that I know, I can’t walk this path anymore. This is not what makes me happy.” Because I recently became a mother, I decided to stay another while. Five months later my position was made redundant very suddenly. Apparently this was the right timing.


When I was in my early 50s, I was in Dordrecht enjoying our holiday on our sailing boat. Lots of rain and wind dominated the weather at the end of summer. A church was located next to the harbour and every fifteen minutes, from dawn to dusk, the carillon was playing a tune above our heads. My eye caught a poster announcing an organ concert that would take place the next evening in that same church. Something told me I should go. So I went and brought a notebook. I listened to the concert and tried not to expect anything. Just relax and let go of any thoughts. If nothing would happen it was fine, after all we cannot enforce insights. And subtle but unmistakable the realization came: “My job at the bachelor college has had its day. It’s no challenge anymore. I want to guide people whom I really intended for.”

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