One on one coaching

“Different choices, different behaviour”

What is coaching anyway?

During coaching you will be guided to improve or change something that you want. In a coaching program you work individually towards your own coaching objective. This arises from a question about your current situation. Together we will look for an answer or solution for your specific situation and question.

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The question at hand mostly concerns a change or improvement in your working situation or acquiring a better work/life balance. For example:

  • You want to be more in control of your work pressure, be less stressed, and be more self-directing. Then coaching on personal effectivity would fit you best.
  • You want to improve your leadership skills towards others and be better in making your own choices. Then it fits best to choose leadership coaching.
  • You no longer enjoy your current job, you want something different. Then career coaching will fit you best.

You can also look at the topics and client cases to see if you recognize your situation.

The same way of working applies to all three themes

If you are not sure whether coaching would suit you, please check the FAQ.

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Intake interview

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These are the options for one on one coaching:

Full coaching program

  • Behavioural and driving forces analysis
  • Six coaching sessions
  • Evaluation interview

Driving forces analysis

  • Behavioural and driving forces analysis
  • Two coaching sessions included

Quick win coaching

  • Refreshment program
  • Three coaching sessions

Do you want the whole package? Then choose the full coaching program.