From routine to fulfillment

These stories are not traceable to real coaching clients, they contain ingredients that could be discussed. Any similarities with real coaching clients are purely coincidental.

Starting point

You may recognize yourself in the story of Renée, a senior professional who struggles with a changing perspective of her career and future. She has completed the majority of her working life and gained quite some life experience. Her work has always given her recognition and appreciation from a lot of people. And that was all right. Till now. She herself no longer feels the satisfaction. She realizes that she is actually not happy with what she is currently doing. She feels unfulfilled. She senses that there is something more to achieve and explore for her, that a change is necessary. But what? And how?

Coaching objective

From this situation she reaches out to me. She wants to know whether I am ‘the best coach’. The overall coaching goal that emerges from the intake interview is: to experience more fulfillment in work, to find a new direction, to find out what she wants with the rest of her (working) life.

Content of the coaching program

During the coaching sessions we work on:

  • Career reorientation, career change
  • Disclosure of hidden knowledge and experience
  • Developing sensibility, genuity and intuition
  • Will power versus service
  • Sharing wisdom for the benefit of others
  • Preservation of what is really important
  • Giving way and letting go (self-fulfillment)


Coaching result

  • She has found a new direction
  • She experiences fulfillment in her work and life
  • She now shares her wisdom to benefit others
  • She has deepened her knowledge and experience
  • She has discovered that the best coach is someone who walks besides you and makes herself vulnerable too

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