From work stress to job satisfaction

These stories are not traceable to real coaching clients, they contain ingredients that could be discussed. Any similarities with real coaching clients are purely coincidental.

Starting point

You may recognize yourself in the story of Michaela, a young professional who struggles with work pressure, high expectations and perfectionism. She is used to rely on her ratio and control mechanism and she always achieved good results quickly. Till now. Her (new) job is quite tough. And she is not enjoying it anymore. She is actually reaching her limits for the first time in her life. Admitting this feels like failure. But if she is truly honest, she knows she is overworked, too much of a perfectionist and experiencing a lot of work stress. She feels ashamed for not delivering, after all, you are expected to know what you want and go for it, right? But it doesn’t feel like that at all. How do you survive in this demanding, confusing and complex world? And how do you develop yourself in a positive way?

Coaching objective

From this situation she reaches out to me. The overall coaching goal that emerges from the intake interview is: to experience less work stress, to be less perfectionistic and to feel pleasure in work again. And she wants the coaching to produce results quickly.

Content of the coaching program

During the coaching sessions we work on:

  • Feeling and respecting boundaries
  • Dealing with feedback
  • Dealing with fear of failure
  • Being assertive, expressing emotions, and asking for help
  • Developing solidness and stability (self-management)

Coaching result

  • She experiences job satisfaction again
  • She feels happier with herself
  • She is a more fun person to be with
  • She is better able to put things into perspective
  • She has discovered that it’s up to her how quickly the coaching will produce results

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