From being stuck to energy and leadership

These stories are not traceable to real coaching clients, they contain ingredients that could be discussed. Any similarities with real coaching clients are purely coincidental.

Starting point

You may recognize yourself in the story of Hugo, a managerial professional who struggles with leadership in a changing environment. He is used to being asked for positions and that has always worked well. Till now. The organization has changed and now different things are expected from him. He has tried to meet the new expectations, but he can’t help noticing that work is costing him a lot of energy and that his motivation is gone. He doubts whether he is still capable and if he still complies. But he also has doubts about coaching. He doesn’t want to wake sleeping dogs, he is not looking forward to the time investment and to the reactions of his colleagues. And anyway, things will probably get better soon, he can still endure it for a while, right?

Coaching objective

From this situation he reaches out to me. In the intake interview we focus on whether coaching is the step for him to take. The overall coaching goal that emerges is: to regain energy from his work, to better be able to deal with work related changes, to develop more leadership and make your own choices.

Content of the coaching program

During the coaching sessions we work on:

  • Effectively dealing with emotions
  • Giving trust and asking open questions
  • Letting go of bias and jumping to conclusions
  • Achieving more by doing less
  • Developing leadership and authenticity (self-direction)


Coaching result

  • He shows more leadership
  • He is a more complete/balanced person
  • He is now doing what really fits him
  • He is using so far hidden talents
  • He has experienced that coaching can be very effective if you have an open mind and curiosity towards yourself

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